JUST MIXER 2 Audio Mixer – Compact USB Powered Stereo Desktop Mixer w/ 3 In / 2 Out (3.5mm) plus USB Audio Output (Gold)

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Product Description

Maker hart Logo, Audio Mixer, Music Mixer, DJ MixerMaker hart Logo, Audio Mixer, Music Mixer, DJ Mixer

JUST MIXER 2 : USB Audio Mixer - Compact USB Powered Stereo Desktop MixerJUST MIXER 2 : USB Audio Mixer - Compact USB Powered Stereo Desktop Mixer

Meet the 2d generation mini mixer from Maker Hart

After the excellent success of the unusual Correct Mixer, Maker Hart gathered together particular person solutions and requests to construct a revamped mixer designed to greater fulfill your everyday audio desires. Correct Mixer 2 is preferrred for other folks who desire a legitimate approach to mix audio from as a lot as a pair stereo devices through 1/8″ / 3.5mm enter jacks and AUX cables. Now, thanks to its added headphone jack, you would possibly toddle in headphones and powered audio system on the same time.

Ultralight and compact, this portable mini-mixer would possibly also be old loyal about wherever, together with on the creep. Vitality it from any USB charger, USB port, USB OTG-geared up neat instrument*, or USB vitality banks (would possibly per chance no longer be like minded with vitality banks with greater than moderate low-contemporary shutoff parts).

The Correct Mixer 2 also boasts USB Audio out for notify connections to computers and Android devices(iOS devices no longer supported).

*Some devices would possibly per chance require extra adapters or cables, sold individually.

Well-known parts

As a lot as 45dB of amplification for CH1 & 2. AUX enter would possibly also be boosted as a lot as 20dB.USB Audio Interface: Output audio directly through USB for better recording quality; like minded with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android (iOS no longer supported).Steadiness controls replaced with EQ knobs for tweaking treble/bass to simplest suit plenty of headphones, audio system and audio sources.3.5mm headphone output with discrete quantity controlLong commute fadersIncluded USB cable & vitality adapter

Well-known notes

The JUST MIXER 2 is an ultracompact mixer designed for portability and ease of use, and would possibly per chance no longer be conception to be as audiophile instruments.To amplify quantity, first amplify the amount setting for your sound supply. Do sure the indicator LED is no longer pink — ideally it goes to be blue with occasional flashes of pink.

Maker hart - Just Mixers Family - Group photoMaker hart - Just Mixers Family - Group photo

Technical critical facets

Controls and Jacks

3 x 3.5mm Stereo Inputs (Will also be split Into 4 x 1/4″ mono; adapter required)1 x 3.5mm Stereo Outputs and 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Headphone OutputPower / Overload Indicator (LED exhibits vitality and presence of overload/distortion)EQ Knobs For Ch1 and Ch2Master and Channel Quantity SlidersUSB Vitality / Output Jack


Win: Max. 45dBPower: 5V Micro USB vitality sourceWeight & Dimensions: 3.2oz / 92g; 2.5 x 4.1 x 0.9″ / 10.5 x 6.5 x 2.4cmPackage Contents: JUST MIXER 2, USB to Micro USB Cable, 5V/1A Adapter, dust-proof pouch, Owner’s Manual

Existing: Correct Mixer 2 does no longer present vitality for microphones, similar to condenser and electret microphones, together with most lapel or lavalier mics. Microphones of this form will require an additional preamplifier when old with the Correct Mixer 2. Please decide dynamics microphones to be used with the Correct Mixer 2 or ogle the Correct Mixer M, which affords vitality for on the topic of any mic form.

Stereo Channels





4, 2 x Mic (Mono) Line, Aux

USB Audio


Particular Feature

Bluetooth Receiver

LOOP Feature

Phantom Vitality MUTE

Vitality Model




9V Adapter


Put a watch on






Stereo Outputs

3.55mm / 1/8”

3.55mm / 1/8” USB Audio

3.55mm / 1/8” USB Audio RCA

3.55mm / 1/8” Grasp & REC

3.55mm / 1/8” Grasp USB Audio

Phone Out

Fader Length







DM2S Adapter

TRS > TRRS Adapter


2.7” x 4.1” x 0.9”

2.7” x 4.1” x 0.9”

6.1” x 4.6” x 1.1”

6.9” x 5.1” x 1.2”

5” x 3.3” x 0.9”

Setting the amount
Follow these steps to develop sure minimum noise and distortion:

Step one, amplify quantity for your audio supply (telephone, computer, game console, or musical instrument).Subsequent, amplify Grasp Quantity fader on the least halfway.Develop the amount on the audio system or amplifier you will doubtless be paying consideration to to a degree a little bit above the specified listening quantity.
If utilizing the headphone output, amplify the headphone quantity wheel on the left aspect of the mixer.Effect all Channel Volumes to zero. Commence playing tune or other sounds.Slowly amplify Channel Quantity faders and look the indicator LED.
When the LED is flashing pink on occasion, you are on the obliging channel quantity.
If it is miles continually pink or flashing pink plenty, prick back the Channel Quantity.Regulate total quantity utilizing the Grasp fader, guaranteeing the audio system or amplifier is turned up high sufficient.
Existing: If the speaker / amplifier quantity is simply too loud, rising the amount on the mixer would possibly raze up in distortion.


The mixer is distorting. What attain I attain?

Solution 1:
Please flip down the channel volumes until the distortion stops, and use the master quantity and the amount for your audio system to develop the amount louder as most well-known. If you are utilizing headphones or the amount stage is no longer loud sufficient, use the headphone output which has essential greater output stages. Existing: The RCA and headphone outputs are supposed for connection to an amplifier or powered audio system and are no longer plagued by the master quantity stage.
Solution 2:
The mixer output is overloading the audio system, amplifier or other instrument connected to the mixer output. Decrease the master quantity or headphone quantity, and flip up the amount on the audio system or whatever instrument is connected to the mixer outputs.

The mixer is producing a hum. How can I repair it?

A low hum is doubtless attributable to a ground loop or interference from electrical instruments nearby, similar to lights. Strive disconnecting plenty of devices and turning nearby devices off to undercover agent which one is causing the challenge. Shopping for a ground loop isolator would possibly per chance abet the challenge. That you would be in a position to moreover strive powering the mixer utilizing a USB vitality bank or Android instrument over OTG.

The mixer is making high pitch noise. Why?

High pitch digital noise will doubtless be attributable to USB vitality. Strive a clear vitality present, switching electrical stores, or utilizing a USB vitality bank or Android instrument over OTG. Moreover please you are going to wish to retain enter volumes high: if you happen to toddle in a telephone or computer, you are going to wish to flip the telephone or computer quantity as a lot as 70-80%, and retain the mixer’s channel quantity low sufficient so you don’t hear distortion cheska-lekarna.com. Then adjust the amount utilizing the master quantity, headphone quantity, or quantity for your amplifier, audio system, or other instrument connected to the mixer’s outputs.

None of these answers abet. What now?

Please retain experimenting and making an are attempting plenty of choices to hunt down the provision of the challenge. The utilization of audio instruments requires some trial and blunder and springs with a studying curve. If you are caught, no challenge—abet is continually readily available in the market in Amazon Q&A or from Maker Hart directly.

VERSATILE & COMPACT – The preferrred manner to mix a pair of sound sources incl. smartphones, medicines, computers, MP3 gamers, microphones, instruments, Amazon Echo, and loads others.
STEREO 3 IN / 2 OUT CONFIG – 3 stereo channels (3.5mm / 1/8″) incl. 1 AUX IN; 2 output jacks (3.5mm)
AMPLIFIER GAIN – Develop enter sources’ quantity stages by as a lot as 45dB with LED indicator built in to display screen overdrive
EQ CONTROL – Tone knobs for the 2 essential channels abet shape bass / treble tones to your liking
USB AUDIO INTERFACE – The USB port simultaneously powers the mixer and would possibly per chance output for recording directly to your computer

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