Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker with 256 Led App Managed Front Show (Red)

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Product Description

Divoom’s Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker is largely a conveyable, miniaturized leisure heart. It aspects a 10W DSP speaker with a bass port and a 16 x 16 pixel, 256 bulky RGB self-programmable LED display cloak cloak. The instrument measures 7.1 x 5.4 x 5 inches and weighs 1.76 pounds

Divoom Ditoo Retro Bluetooth SpeakerDivoom Ditoo Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Or now not it is more than factual a speaker too – it has varied diversified aspects like an fright clock, secure keeper, stopwatch, planner/calendar, and the display cloak is ready to prove some very effective pixel artwork, whether or now not its your hold creation or one of many hundreds of designs from the neighborhood shared on the app.

internet streaming radio speakerinternet streaming radio speaker

In contrast to Others Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Operate – It appears as if a retro computer, with a zigzag display cloak cloak comparable to an extinct CRT TV, and a classic make. The tiny keyboard is mechanical.Unparalleled Sound Quality – The sound quality is a long way richer than you opinion it could perhaps probably well well be, and the particulars like a bass port in succor add to the general sound journey.Mini Pixel Video games – There are a range of classic games, comparable to pixel racer, magic 8 ball and Snake (amongst others), and they’re very enjoyable to play, and work smartly with the tiny controls.

Our Bluetooth Speaker Others Formula

Multifunction – The Divoom app make Speaker hold more enjoyable,likes Text Editor,DJ Mixer, Insist Memo, Chat, Apprehension, Sleep Time, Planner, Video games, Stopwatch, Party Days, Countdown Meter, Noise Meter, Scoreboard, Notifications, Weather, Insist Commands, Data superhighway Radio, and a clock.Gracious Gadget – Immense wintry retro computer type,the16 X16 display cloak cloak display cloak is colorful and brilliant!Counsel this gorgeous instrument for somebody shopping for an broad design to your desk or bedroom!

bluetooth speaker mechanical keysbluetooth speaker mechanical keys

cute speaker

cool speaker

led speaker 16x16 display

speaker with pixel graphics monitor

speaker for christmas party

This thing appears even cooler in individual, the display cloak cloak is implausible and plenty colorful enough, the mechanical keys are so dope ,whereas or now not it is miles now not on factual for enjoyable, and they’re additionally backlit which is to hand and appears wintry (and could well maybe also be turned off within the occasion you will need )

10w speaker

speaker with mini games

speaker like retro computer

small bluetooth speaker

desktop speaker

Gallery & Community

Rep Divoom App

DIY Pixel Art Introduction

Titillating Heart

Meet Unusual Friends

Meet Divoom Ditoo – A retro bluetooth speaker recalls the nostalgia memory of the classic PC. From the backlit mechanical keyboard to the rounded, bulged bezel, to the Floopy-force type SD card slot, every detail is crafted to respect the retro-vintage theme. Or now not it is rather wintry design you should hold to your desk
10W DSP LED Bluetooth Speaker – Outfitted with 10w driver, DSP bass port within the succor, this instrument is a appropriate sounding 360-degree Bluetooth Speaker that could well maybe absorb your room with crisp sound and surprisingly deep bass. With 256 million colors, the led visual equalizer matches itself to your songs, making it surely enjoyable and ample to reveal their hold praises at gatherings
DIY Pixel Art Kit -The 16×16 pixel display cloak is colorful and brilliant that allows you to to find your hold pixel artwork with out bother by Divoom APP. Or you might well maybe eradicate one of thousands of pixel artwork or animations in Divoom app neighborhood. Customise the LED display cloak cloak with an Emoji face, Pokemon, or Pumpkin Lantern in diversified occasion. That is a conversation maker
Big Gaming Tool – Built-in classic and mawkish games, like the legendary Traditional Tetris recreation, ample magic 8 ball, pixel slot, pixel cube… With our retro joystick and mechanical keyboard, relax yourself from day after day trivial and dumb work in no time klikněte zde. This mini arcade is a gargantuan gaming design to wait on boredom
30-in-1 Functional Tool – Ditoo offers a range of priceless day after day capabilities comparable to dapper fright clock, SNS notification, climate forecast, time desk and masses others… Through Divoom APP, you might well maybe additionally hear to 50000+ online radios, make your hold DJ effects, Pixel Art Coloring, or now not it is a priceless and amusing day after day partner

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